Allisa Hawks Testimonial

“My children are 10, 14 and 15 and they love and trust Dr. Smith and the staff. My daughter has had wrist and ankle issues and has regular adjustments for that. My teen son hurt himself jumping on the trampoline and was having pain walking and I was going to keep him home from school. I thought it was a pulled muscle based on his symptoms. On a whim, I thought to call Dr. Smith. So glad I did! My son’s hip was out. In 5 minutes, my son was adjusted and walking with ease out the door and in school. It was THAT easy. My youngest rarely need treatment, but when he does, he lets me know and guess what? Dr. Smith will locate the right place! It is amazing that at an early age, my kids are learning to know their bodies’ needs. Since beginning treatment, I have gotten pain relief from neck issues and no more TMJ headaches after jaw adjustments! My transformation has been amazing and now my mother sees Dr. Smith! Love this clinic. We consider he and the staff like family.”